About Lewis Revenue Group

We are an investment firm with a focus on the tech space, specifically software development and IT services.

Knowledgeable President

Lewis Revenue Group's President, Brandon Lewis, is very well-versed in the tech space, including a solid understanding of over 12 programming languages. Our President speaks your language.

Expert Advice

Our clients receive expert, objective advice on private placements and corporate finance issues for privately-held businesses, publicly-traded companies and financial sponsors. We understand the unique needs of the tech industry, therefore none of our expert advice is boilerplate.

Municipal Finance

​We provide clients an array of municipal banking and underwriting products. Through our financing strategies, client-centric modeling, credit analyses and a strong sales and trading platform, we help minimize the cost of borrowing and enhance debt flexibility.


Our global research provides a macro framework for strategic investment decisions. Investment executives are furnished with sound, unbiased, and first-hand information on the key economic and political trends driving investment values across developed and emerging markets.

Capital Introduction

​Not only do we provide funding to tech companies, we provide capital introduction services for hedge funds and private equity funds. Lewis Revenue Group is able to make targeted introductions for asset managers to other leading investors.​